Thank you so much for checking me out! Nice to meet you - I'm Dianna! I'm 25 and I'm based in sunny Southern California! Growing up in Orange County, I have always been in awe of the abundance of beauty in my little corner of the world: in the people, in the ocean, in the mountains, and in the desert. I am on a mission to explore the world to see more of what I have already been so blessed to have grown up with.

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Hi, I'm dianna!

This is embarrassing to admit but I used to force my brothers to make little skits with me (I was 12, okay) and I would film and edit these videos for my family to watch (cue "Adventures of Diannasaur"). These videos are now tightly locked in a vault but I still make travel videos when I go on trips with my friends! Being able to relive my memories is one of the reasons why I have passion for what I do. My travel videos are great at reminding me of the beautiful places I've been, but they're even better at showcasing why I love my friends.

I grew up watching my parents' wedding video over and over again, reenacting every scene. If you had asked me what my favorite movie was when I was in elementary school, the answer would've been my parents' wedding video. I definitely made my little brother dress up and reenact the tea ceremony and church ceremony with me but he will deny that to the end of time. Seeing my parents' reactions to their video every single time I watched stuck with me and now I am here to invoke the same emotions for you! 

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All photos are stills taken from Dianna Nguyen Films.

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